CLIVE ELLIS, the founder of Greenwich Publishing, is a journalist/author who was motivated to start up his own company both by his growing conviction that publishers are failing writers, particularly after publication, and by the numerous sob stories of fellow authors. His mission? To prove that the writer/publisher can champion interesting ideas and make them pay for both the writer and company.

WRITERS often feel let down by some part of the publishing process. The book itself is beautifully written (of course), but where is the sympathetic editing? Do they actually employ a proofreader?

This is supposed to be a team game, but authors soon discover that they are being asked to play striker, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper. The publishers' sales team are meeting buyer resistance, the marketing personnel (though perfectly charming) seem to change every fortnight and a proper launch is just an extravagant pipedream.

Hopes of modest royalties to supplement the pauper's advance vanish somewhere between the contractual small print and Amazon's cruel discount.

You may still find something to moan about if you work with us, but at every stage you can rest assured that we will be looking out for you, the author, rather than us, the publishers.